Remember Face

by Remember Face

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Written by Chimaroke Abuachi
Produced by Andrew Savoie
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Blaine Rochester
Artwork by Andrew Savoie


released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember Face Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: And Follow Your Insanity
no time, no cause, no flame, no strain, no heart, no loss, no chain, no pain, no blame, no aim, no shame, no fame, don’t change, your who you are

I know the type you go for
I'll be brave and won't complain
So so so don't say you can't sustain
Your who you are

i know you had to leave me
but talking that shit go ahead just feed me
or speed up the process
pick your own turf i can brawl believe me
I’ve been dog since cat left
pussy couldn’t purr less i pour some moet
think a knight in shining armors fine and suits define them?
dummy you "W” wrong
George in bush cause knew but you lost
why you acting needy
i know you ain’t gone cause you plant like lo-jack
if ever your ever your lost
squawk like a bird but prepare for a wolf
so used to finding wounds they hide and use to guide them

nothing, nothing, nothing you say i would do, i rather die x2

so blind, so off, so afraid, so drained, so stark, so lost, so lame, so vague, so vain, so ____, so tamed, so slave, don’t change, your who you are.

I know the type you go for
I'll be brave and won't complain
So so so don't say you can't sustain
Your who you are

how the fuck you get in my head and fill with ideas as if i live a life like yours?
no better goal, no pressure though,
I’m living in the moment
watch me pick up like pickups or lines
watch me represent, watch me bafol ya
oh why not? I’m in a trance
i might as well try for ya
dummy ill double your loss
break like a bank is supposed to, we crooks
I’m the robbers chieftain,
i know you have guns but I am drunk
if you ever your ever your stuck
think like a child but beware of a hook
so used to finding groups they hide in bruised and blinded
Track Name: Out The Gutter
like a centipede with it's many legs heres another one, another one, another one

answer me this,
if i plummeted, would you give me a kiss
or be very pissed
for following me down to the end of the cliff
its better you, its better you
be honest and give me a frown
there’s nothing more scary that whats underneath your impressionist jokerish smile
wait a while, wait a while
for how long? just wait a while
you would if you love me
yea baby you wouldn’t just throw in the towel
I’ve been through worst
you wouldn’t believe my story and how i achieved
the choice is yours, don't make me plead,
you know theres more than this greed
i never told you i would stop cause i thought you cared
and i never told them muthafuckas i would sell out cause they cheered
now your looking at me dispassionately
is that gloss or tears
your feeling your glass to the top once again and I’m feeling its over right here

But every time you come around i come around
yea yea yea yea
you like the way I’m moving up, its going down
you open up enough for me to stick around
yea yea yea yea
theres nothing better than the way I’m felling now
but get your mind out the gutter

how could you, how could you
tell me you love me, you lie
whats been under your sleeve
and who the fuck is this guy
tell me your bluffing
say it ain’t so
don’t tell me your ready to go
you thinking your breaking my heart
I’m knowing you tearing my soul
who taught you the meaning of cheesing under the lights of paparazzi, stars
shining like diamonds your feeling
succubus sinking your teeth in
so cold as ice your freezing
get rich or die so sacrifice for new life, this will suffice
i never thought you’d leave me dry cause i brought you here
and i never ever thought you’d see me cry and ignore these tears
this can’t be real I’m dreaming
your mad for TV scheming
what did i do, what did i do?
gimme a good fucking reason
Track Name: Bozo
so she loved the way
i took her to that place
where she can let go
take them thoughts
throw em away
don’t feel bad for vultures
they just, they just wanna wait
but i ain’t trynna wait
doggie dog
all play
get on all fours, get on all fours
get on, when we when we get on all fours

was it so so
why the long face?
have you been fucking with bozos
need a long stroke at the right pace
then get familiar pronto
she came in just wearing this long coat
she tossed it aside like in slow mo
“i like it when you grab here
but can you open me like an envelope”

are you kidding me
this is therapy
got the energy
it's the kid in me
are you feeling me
can’t get rid of me
if your a celebrity,
im a kennedy
I’m the grenadine in your remedy
what a chemistry
this is synergy
when your next to me
like a melody
you’ll remember me

ain't wasting my time with no tease
I’m better off taking the lead
you wasting your time with them suckas
they ain’t doing nothing
you’ll be coming with me
I’m wearing her out like fatigue
im mike if your wanting to scream
she told me she needed a breather
i slow it down then i just say sorry
ain’t nothing like feeling you winning
you put her to sleep and they ain’t no complaining
but hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
why am i still awake and I’m harder than desert eagle
thinking about the life I’m living and woman i don’t even match tho
i rather just be with a queen
no i don’t need no skeeza

so she love the way
i took her to that place
where she can let go
take them thoughts
throw em away
don’t feel bad for vultures
they just, they just wanna wait
but i ain’t trynna wait
doggie dog
all play
get on all fours, get on all fours
get on, when we when we get on all fours
Track Name: Walkers ft. Jesse Desean

Oxygen mask cause we fly bombardier
Breathing so hard cause you can't escape the fear
Nervous at first but you finally took flight realizing with big grin, they will not find us
Ants get squashed before they know there's a problem
Never looked back is what they did when I sodom
Bat girls missing, now she protect Gotham in Count Dracula's arms bleeding in the posture
Act natural y'all, your just new to coffins
Wear black everyday until Saint patty's day
Unfortunately the sun screams at us monsters, Nosferatus, Rasputins, walkers.

Jesse Desean

Creepers, crawlers, must be a full moon tonight; I'm riding with vices on my conscious/ Long live my liver, lost in the motion... Fuck emotion dissolve it in the potion/ Oh shit, I'm swimming in an ocean of women and I just met the one in red dress/ Knew she was bad from the beginning but anything she ask is a yes as my vision goes red

Wassup my name is Jess and yes I'm intrigued by your grin
She say her name is Lucy she choosy but she choose me for night, and get a couple shots of gin
I'm lit, she whispers in my ear that she gets closer to me with every sip
With every bump and hit. She tightens her grip. I taste death in her kiss


Now I'm undead I'm a monster
Say something weird to my girl friends poppa
Grow bacteria on plate that is agar
and hand it to those that say my fangs are improper
Like on medicine I'm more bonkers
Say so you live, well I dwell in your chakra
Don't tell me that you're sane when your nauseous
I inspect with super eyes
Exceptional knock us

Jesse Desean

Locked in to the lifestyle of the wild and I don't know how ima get out/ all this liquor bet a nigga get it down/ all these bitches bet a nigga get em down/ Said I'm locked in to the lifestyle of the wild and I don't know how ima get out/ all this liquor bet a nigga get it down/ all these bitches and I told em that I rap/ Molly married a white girl, it's a wrap/ handled a handle with a fellow named Jack/ the handle hung him over, he stumbled into work a mess/ yacked on the bosses desk and never went back
Track Name: My Tigers Name Is Lion
are you in are you (x8)

Flow like aggressive guy, charge like a fool
Act like it has to be pepe la pew
Wake her if she sleeps
Don't let her miss a moment
Till she feels paradise lock her in your mood
Bride of the age meets groom when she's weak
Her kin says nothing to the face of her beast
War in different forms but all in chariots
Archers aim at heaven now that they can reach

Once you innovate
Just think bigger more
Do no hesitate
Just take everything
For they cannot hide but remember face
For we are outsiders like renegades

Paralyze defenses enough with your fire
They rely on your lion growl
Lions lions so many lions
But I'm not a lion on the prowl
Hoof like serpent, we one like chimera
They all know they want something different cause we are like earth and moon
Work and pull
With more detriment to the dunce and fools, fools.

Once you innovate
Just think bigger more
Do no hesitate
Just take everything
For they cannot hide but remember face
For we are outsiders like renegades
Track Name: Rant
Back like bad luck from mad curse
At last I'm that worst
Pitchforks and batwings if that works it's that verse
That drug for poor souls in catacombs to rise first
Yea what a nut
Versatile berserker tho, we'll box for bucks
Animals, these smiles we bust
And she's loving style we smut
Make way for heavy weights
No fuck that announcing shit like yea what!
I hate you so much right now she said
But pound for pound you hold it down
Audio black Gallagher with a pistol different ain't no amateur
If she choose to leave you, don't be mad at her not matter what
Don't fuck with cluck fools
Two face they sun zhu
Bend the rules no absolutely
Get the loot, appear and poof
I'm ill at these lyrical visuals
You puppets ain't nothing like a ventriloquist spending the weekend at Bernie's
Bounce to this like living proof of mummies in downtown with headphones
That ain't no crack head, that's king tut
Track Name: Odysseus ft. Turtle T

A sound to an ear defies the grudge of foes on boats/
attention you dunce, hold your focus row at once/
for here she's heavy, ear carefully you'll hear the sound/
she's not a damsel, a treasure here is to be found/
holus bolus like Limbs working with lungs to float/
an orchestra as tight as ropes can promote her vocals/
and so they made haste carefully without frown/
till arms in unison neared enough to feel her gown/
a pause of a thousand voices for one who made them cautious/
in modern tongues they had lust enough to go down/
with eyes that freeze the cold, medusa's or Masada's/
like sirens use their tones could make them feel however/
more scarier than that I'm telling ya/
summed up in a thought is the fear of being next to her/
stuck in a time where there were no barriers/
like hell thinking heaven would've married her/

Turtle T

the eyes don't lie and your face can't hide/
when your mask fall off, all things inside/
and your heart gets revealed she turning it harder than steel/
and blacker than coal just as black as her soul/
sleep with one eye closed, haunting you in yah dreams at night/
insomniac, no rest for the weary deary/
face down in the Styx, lost her abyss, a sweet song sailing thru the mist/
leading you astray turning night into day and day into night/
slowly taking your life/
She's a vampire, blood sucker, man eating mahfucker/
On the prowl she wants something but she never loved nothin/
Another victim of her web of lies, such a beauty, take your breath and then she take your light/
She's the baddest of the baddest the queen of all medusas/
she's a demon so get used to her/


Strutting on coals as if there is no harm
Cause he likes what he see
And nothing says leave
Dangerous life I suppose
So aimless he likes how it goes
But this hells never seen a muthafucka like me

faces that charm us the most escape us the soonest
don't forget that x2
Track Name: Invaders ft. Philharmonic

Hard to read? Hard to read.
That's why she came, probably.. /
Cause curious and mysterious are opposites that's born to be /
Hence why she said pardon me, I like your type, bother me /
Im not too shy, obviously, it's what you think, follow me /
So indeed following, disneyish, frolicking /
Awkward me, awkwardly, really giving all of me /
Soon she'll find the side of me, the worst thing she eventually meet /
Truth with no apoligies, ironically /

Some of us do think outside the feast,
thinking what more is how we release/
don't be concerned of how I can breathe outside the norm, collapse tracks with ease/
the only thing she is drawn to is he, because he can soar and fly past the whores/
despite what they like we end up as creeps, take what you want but my crew will eat/
We can really make it poof (x2)
What can make a skeptic jump out their seats? Watching a magician roll up his sleeves/
So he controls the time that you leap
Jump for the tree, crawl to the sea/
now we can show the beast that you are, y'all mufuckas get fond of me like base to face
Follow me

Follow me (x2)

Phil harmonic

Now our waves show different frequencies but mixing with much decency,
and sonically its honesty your bpm it syncs with me,
so think of me as ghosts of sound a voice beyond to hold you down,
that echoes through the walls which held our love and crept out through the town,

now my sheets are stained with music notes and righteous passages,
the dream was pretty heavy think i broke a couple mattresses,
while i just try to bring the pain i feel on tracks like masochists,
i grabbed your wrists and swore id be a better person after this,

candy coated future plans I took a lick with acid lips,
so i could taste the core of why I’m really writing raps to this,
there must be more must be more! cause when it rains i watch it pour,
and sit inside my room with heavy thoughts but never lock the door,


Got swung off the stage
Land on this chick cause she forgot my name
Tiffany got two broken hands
Moral of the story don't forget my name
I'm stronger than
just what ever you need is inside this song you found
I'm what's making you higher than
Life like Alice in wonderland

Follow me (x2)
Track Name: Take Shelter ft. Andy

Drink the potion
Soon I'll make they dreams be a wish, billy ocean
Paint a picture darker than a scene from the omen
Chieftain, he's so frozen at the seat of the throne
on my gladiator like beefing with the Romans
Bleeding all emotions
Preaching at the pulpit
Beasting at moment, see I reason like a vulcan
This is not a mission giving seeds to the hopeless
It's more like magneto fucking up you Logans
Bring it to a closing


You better keep your boots laced
Yeah Im a new face and my first goal is to climb up the food chain
I eat fire, drink butane
Blood on my two fangs
I dont like much, but I love me some puntang
Like Steve Martin with two brains
Hung like Im Hussein
Ball like a hoop game
All up in the stall like a poop stain, gross
Break bread make toast
Lame jokes make host to those fake folks


Yall can eat a dick
Try to measure swag with a meter stick
See a chick and put her in some cheetah print
Home grown leadership
Which means I make moves like Grip
Yall better skip to my lou or zip your lips like you plead the fifth
Take Shelter, initiate bass face melter
When this shit hits it'll lift ya like a plan from Delta
Mayday help ya
Falling at a rate no escape from your fate home boy
In these high stakes get that cake home boy


If you feeling overzealous we can desperado/
Take shelter with your sidekicks, mother-fucking Tonto/
Feeling like novacane talking to em all/
Cause I know they double agents but I'm packing bond/

Since we made you Van Gogh, your mind off/
splattered on these walls and do it like da Vinci/
Why they trying to stop me when I'm posted, I Pau/
and I stay elevated like the younger Gasol/
Thinking you the boss bitch?
Track Name: Hey Money
Better choose baby
He ain't made you runny
Only wanna make you nutty
Stick like honey
If you ain't here, you funny

Yea she say she love me
Cause I make that money
She gone make me stutter
Melt like butter
When she done up
What up?