Invaders ft. Philharmonic

from by Remember Face

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Written by Chima Abuachi
Produced by Andrew Savoie
Mixed and Mastered by Blaine Rochester



Hard to read? Hard to read.
That's why she came, probably.. /
Cause curious and mysterious are opposites that's born to be /
Hence why she said pardon me, I like your type, bother me /
Im not too shy, obviously, it's what you think, follow me /
So indeed following, disneyish, frolicking /
Awkward me, awkwardly, really giving all of me /
Soon she'll find the side of me, the worst thing she eventually meet /
Truth with no apoligies, ironically /

Some of us do think outside the feast,
thinking what more is how we release/
don't be concerned of how I can breathe outside the norm, collapse tracks with ease/
the only thing she is drawn to is he, because he can soar and fly past the whores/
despite what they like we end up as creeps, take what you want but my crew will eat/
We can really make it poof (x2)
What can make a skeptic jump out their seats? Watching a magician roll up his sleeves/
So he controls the time that you leap
Jump for the tree, crawl to the sea/
now we can show the beast that you are, y'all mufuckas get fond of me like base to face
Follow me

Follow me (x2)

Phil harmonic

Now our waves show different frequencies but mixing with much decency,
and sonically its honesty your bpm it syncs with me,
so think of me as ghosts of sound a voice beyond to hold you down,
that echoes through the walls which held our love and crept out through the town,

now my sheets are stained with music notes and righteous passages,
the dream was pretty heavy think i broke a couple mattresses,
while i just try to bring the pain i feel on tracks like masochists,
i grabbed your wrists and swore id be a better person after this,

candy coated future plans I took a lick with acid lips,
so i could taste the core of why I’m really writing raps to this,
there must be more must be more! cause when it rains i watch it pour,
and sit inside my room with heavy thoughts but never lock the door,


Got swung off the stage
Land on this chick cause she forgot my name
Tiffany got two broken hands
Moral of the story don't forget my name
I'm stronger than
just what ever you need is inside this song you found
I'm what's making you higher than
Life like Alice in wonderland

Follow me (x2)


from Remember Face, released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember Face Seattle, Washington

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