Odysseus ft. Turtle T

from by Remember Face

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Written by Chima Abuachi
Produced by Andrew Savoie
Mixed and Mastered by Blaine Rochester



A sound to an ear defies the grudge of foes on boats/
attention you dunce, hold your focus row at once/
for here she's heavy, ear carefully you'll hear the sound/
she's not a damsel, a treasure here is to be found/
holus bolus like Limbs working with lungs to float/
an orchestra as tight as ropes can promote her vocals/
and so they made haste carefully without frown/
till arms in unison neared enough to feel her gown/
a pause of a thousand voices for one who made them cautious/
in modern tongues they had lust enough to go down/
with eyes that freeze the cold, medusa's or Masada's/
like sirens use their tones could make them feel however/
more scarier than that I'm telling ya/
summed up in a thought is the fear of being next to her/
stuck in a time where there were no barriers/
like hell thinking heaven would've married her/

Turtle T

the eyes don't lie and your face can't hide/
when your mask fall off, all things inside/
and your heart gets revealed she turning it harder than steel/
and blacker than coal just as black as her soul/
sleep with one eye closed, haunting you in yah dreams at night/
insomniac, no rest for the weary deary/
face down in the Styx, lost her abyss, a sweet song sailing thru the mist/
leading you astray turning night into day and day into night/
slowly taking your life/
She's a vampire, blood sucker, man eating mahfucker/
On the prowl she wants something but she never loved nothin/
Another victim of her web of lies, such a beauty, take your breath and then she take your light/
She's the baddest of the baddest the queen of all medusas/
she's a demon so get used to her/


Strutting on coals as if there is no harm
Cause he likes what he see
And nothing says leave
Dangerous life I suppose
So aimless he likes how it goes
But this hells never seen a muthafucka like me

faces that charm us the most escape us the soonest
don't forget that x2


from Remember Face, released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember Face Seattle, Washington

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