Take Shelter ft. Andy

from by Remember Face

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Written by Chima Abuachi
Produced by Andrew Savoie
Mixed and Mastered by Blaine Rochester



Drink the potion
Soon I'll make they dreams be a wish, billy ocean
Paint a picture darker than a scene from the omen
Chieftain, he's so frozen at the seat of the throne
on my gladiator like beefing with the Romans
Bleeding all emotions
Preaching at the pulpit
Beasting at moment, see I reason like a vulcan
This is not a mission giving seeds to the hopeless
It's more like magneto fucking up you Logans
Bring it to a closing


You better keep your boots laced
Yeah Im a new face and my first goal is to climb up the food chain
I eat fire, drink butane
Blood on my two fangs
I dont like much, but I love me some puntang
Like Steve Martin with two brains
Hung like Im Hussein
Ball like a hoop game
All up in the stall like a poop stain, gross
Break bread make toast
Lame jokes make host to those fake folks


Yall can eat a dick
Try to measure swag with a meter stick
See a chick and put her in some cheetah print
Home grown leadership
Which means I make moves like Grip
Yall better skip to my lou or zip your lips like you plead the fifth
Take Shelter, initiate bass face melter
When this shit hits it'll lift ya like a plan from Delta
Mayday help ya
Falling at a rate no escape from your fate home boy
In these high stakes get that cake home boy


If you feeling overzealous we can desperado/
Take shelter with your sidekicks, mother-fucking Tonto/
Feeling like novacane talking to em all/
Cause I know they double agents but I'm packing bond/

Since we made you Van Gogh, your mind off/
splattered on these walls and do it like da Vinci/
Why they trying to stop me when I'm posted, I Pau/
and I stay elevated like the younger Gasol/
Thinking you the boss bitch?


from Remember Face, released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember Face Seattle, Washington

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