Walkers ft. Jesse Desean

from by Remember Face

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Written by Chima Abuachi
Produced by Andrew Savoie
Mixed and Mastered by Blaine Rochester



Oxygen mask cause we fly bombardier
Breathing so hard cause you can't escape the fear
Nervous at first but you finally took flight realizing with big grin, they will not find us
Ants get squashed before they know there's a problem
Never looked back is what they did when I sodom
Bat girls missing, now she protect Gotham in Count Dracula's arms bleeding in the posture
Act natural y'all, your just new to coffins
Wear black everyday until Saint patty's day
Unfortunately the sun screams at us monsters, Nosferatus, Rasputins, walkers.

Jesse Desean

Creepers, crawlers, must be a full moon tonight; I'm riding with vices on my conscious/ Long live my liver, lost in the motion... Fuck emotion dissolve it in the potion/ Oh shit, I'm swimming in an ocean of women and I just met the one in red dress/ Knew she was bad from the beginning but anything she ask is a yes as my vision goes red

Wassup my name is Jess and yes I'm intrigued by your grin
She say her name is Lucy she choosy but she choose me for night, and get a couple shots of gin
I'm lit, she whispers in my ear that she gets closer to me with every sip
With every bump and hit. She tightens her grip. I taste death in her kiss


Now I'm undead I'm a monster
Say something weird to my girl friends poppa
Grow bacteria on plate that is agar
and hand it to those that say my fangs are improper
Like on medicine I'm more bonkers
Say so you live, well I dwell in your chakra
Don't tell me that you're sane when your nauseous
I inspect with super eyes
Exceptional knock us

Jesse Desean

Locked in to the lifestyle of the wild and I don't know how ima get out/ all this liquor bet a nigga get it down/ all these bitches bet a nigga get em down/ Said I'm locked in to the lifestyle of the wild and I don't know how ima get out/ all this liquor bet a nigga get it down/ all these bitches and I told em that I rap/ Molly married a white girl, it's a wrap/ handled a handle with a fellow named Jack/ the handle hung him over, he stumbled into work a mess/ yacked on the bosses desk and never went back


from Remember Face, released September 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Remember Face Seattle, Washington

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